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Limits 200000 - 10000000


The price is taking into account the seasonal coefficient at
Need help creating a comprehensive media plan? Our marketer will make a comprehensive placement, taking into account your target audience and business characteristics

Team NN.RU not in words but in deeds proved its efficiency for more than 10 years supporting the website the leading position among all Nizhny Novgorod sites (according to and

The main project of the company website – "Nizhny Novgorod On-line". It is possible to find almost any information about the city, learn about cultural events of the city, to chat on the forums, to participate in profitable joint purchases or just upload your photos, music, or writing in your blog. Literally every minute users have something to share with the world or learn the latest and interesting news about my hometown!

This is the most visited Nizhny Novgorod city website. The monthly audience of the website - more than a million people. In 2012 the company Medialogia recognized NN.RU the most quoted mass media of Nizhny Novgorod. In the same year the Daily audience of exceeded 100 000 people for 1 day.

The most popular forums on the site - forums and Joint purchasing. Just over 200 major and 3000 private forums.

The average CTR of 0.08%

The location of the banner

200 000 +

1. Supported formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, HTML5

2. Banner size must exactly match the size of the advertising space. If you don't know the size of the advertising space, consult with your Manager.

3. The weight of the banner (for all supported formats, in addition to HTML5) must not exceed 60 KB.

4. Does not accept banners with large blinking graphic or text elements and/or background, with sharp movements items, substantially distracting a user from interacting with the page.

For each individual doubtful if the final decision is made by the designer of NGS on an individual basis.

5. The banner must have clear boundaries. He must have either a frame or background other than "white".

6. An integral part of the NHS requirements is the compliance with the technical limitations specified in the price list for a specific type of promotional materials.

7. NGS does not accept banners, working through third-party management system advertising (AdRiver, etc.)

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We support the following payment options for advertising:
To the current account under the contract
Bank transfer through a mobile bank for individuals (under the offer agreement).

Advertising is launched after 100% prepayment.
The invoice is automatically billed in your account after the seller confirms the order.
In case of late payment, the schedule for advertising may move.

If you have any questions about payment, call the toll free number +7 800 1002 592

The seller provides a report on the release of advertising after the end of the advertising campaign.

If the advertisement is not made through the fault of the seller - the seller compensates for the output of the advertisement as agreed with the customer